• Living the Van Life in San Francisco
  • BF Goodrich tyres on a van
  • VW Camper 1971 Bay Window
  • Camping in County Cork
  • Volkswagen early bay window
  • Gin and tonic van life
  • Camping hands
  • VW bay window steering wheel
  • VW T5 Camper
  • The Bullet Bus
  • The Bullet Bus
  • Vintage VW Radio Blaupunkt
  • VW Bus in Snow
  • VW Splitty
  • Reflection of VW in VW hubcap
  • Camping in vintage VWs
  • VW Bay window like in Little Miss Sunshine
  • Roadcow VW
  • Volkwagen T5 Offroad Tyres
  • Frankenbus
  • Peace sign VW camper hippy
  • VW vintage car in San Francisco

We are two drifters, off to see the world. There is a beautiful part of Ireland called The Cooley Peninsula. We are very lucky to own a house that is perched between the Irish sea and the Cooley Mountains. We call it home, but we are rarely in. It’s a place to rest between adventures. And this website is our virtual home, a place to document, explore, and share.

Designed in Ireland

Every item of clothing we produce is designed and tested in Ireland by us.

Sometimes we ask artists to create unique designs for us but mostly it is just us trying to make the best high quality comfortable apparel that is perfect for the Tin Top lifestyle.

Grown in India

There is no cotton grown in Ireland, and very little in Europe. The organic cotton in Tin Top products is from India.

If any of our clothing is not organic then it is recycled (which is even better for the planet).

Made in Bagladesh

Made under working conditions that enforce safety, minimum legal age, paid holidays, and decent wages.

Our clothing is made in accordance with the ethical rules of the Fair Wear Foundation to GOTS standards.

Printed in Europe

We work with one supplier in Europe that we know for a fact runs a fairly small and happy print shop in a very sunny village by the Med.

They use vegan printing inks and are certified by the Oeko-Tex® Eco Paspport and the GOTS 5.0 label.

Shipped Worldwide

We use plastic free packaging made with locally sourced paper (FSC Certified and from local forests).

We ship to every country in the world, but please note that we only accept responsibility for delivery within the EU and UK.

conscious, wearable, and useful clothing for Tin Top adventurers who require
View from a VW Splitty on I5 in California

Happy travels, good clothing, and great company.

We're not a lifestyle brand, we're a brand for a lifestyle. We believe clothes are for wearing. We design for comfort and resilience.

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