Ballycastle and Rathlin Island

Ballycastle and Rathlin Island

By Tin Top

  • Kids swimming on Rathlin Island
  • Swimming on Rathlin Island
  • The Manor Hotel, Rathlin Island
  • The ferry on Rathlin Island
  • Puffin Bus Rathlin Island
  • JCB on Rathlin Island
  • Puffins on Rathlin Island
  • Dog walking on Rathlin Island
  • Rusty tractor on Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland
  • Sea birds on Rathlin Island
  • Rathlin Island Vanlife
  • The Irish North Coast
  • Boat on Rathlin Island
  • Cattle on Rathlin Island
  • An old abandoned house on Rathlin Island
  • An old abandoned house on Rathlin Island
  • Derelict building on Rathlin Island
  • Rathlin Island Seaweed House
  • Rathlin Island Ruins
  • Irish North Coast
  • Charles Stewart, Skipper of Kintra II (Rathlin Island Ferry)
  • Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge from the sea
  • Irish North Coast
  • Irish North Coast
  • Irish North Coast

We have visited Ballycastle in County Antrim on a few occasions. As far as the North Coast goes if I had a choice between visiting the Giant's Causeway or stopping in Ballycastle I would always choose the latter.

A highlight of any trip to Ballycastle is getting out on the water. Book well in advance for the ferry to Rathlin Island and allow at least 4 hours to see and walk the island.

The facilities on Rathlin are sparse and sometimes it can be hard to even get a bite to eat. If they are open you can get good food in McCuaigs bar or The Manor House Hotel. However the best grub can be had from a small food truck called The Hungry Seal. The fish and chips are delicious and even better enjoyed sitting on the nearby beach wall. All of the amenities are dotted around the harbour where the ferry lands.

Further out from the harbour there are three lighthouses, a bird sanctuary, and plenty of really nice walks to enjoy on the island. Check out the photos we took on Rathlin the last time we visited.