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Ethics & Sustainability

You want to do the best we can when we have a choice. That is why we are passionately local. We source materials and products with the least amount of travel possible. Depending on what you purchase and where you live in Europe it is possible that you can buy from us a t-shirt that has been made, printed, and packaged in the country you live in using wood from a forest in the same country.

Even if you don't live close to our suppliers you will still be buying organic or recycled fair trade cotton, printed with vegan inks, and shipped to you in plastic free packaging.

We also try our best to source best quality clothing that will last a long time. This is not fast fashion, this is clothing for bonfire loving, barbeque cooking, oil changing, children chasing fun loving criminals *.

*Criminality optional. Only chase your own children. The logos below are for certifications held by our garment supplier.